Alidropship Plugin Nulled Free Download V. Latest

Alidropship Plugin Nulled Free Download

Alidropship Plugin Nulled Free Download Download The Most Powerful Dropshipping Software for businesses! It is the only WordPress solution to build fully-fledged online stores that will generate a stable and steady revenue. The AliDropship plugin nulled provides all the tools you require to begin your own dropshipping business that is successful today.

Alidropship Plugin Nulled Free Download Demo

Check Alidropship Plugin Nulled Free Demo:

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Main features

AliDropship is a group of experts who put years of dedication to this endeavor. The idea behind the project is to create dropshipping effortless and accessible to anyone around the world, giving individuals the chance to create their own online business. Anyone can now begin dropshipping using the AliDropship Plugin. With no prior experience.

Alidropship Plugin Nulled Free Download

Visit and search for the needed item , and then import it on your website with just one click. The item you are looking for will be displayed immediately on your website including the descriptions, images and variations. Utilizing the WooCommerce version of the dropshipping plugin You can take advantage of the many WooCommerce themess and increase the features for your store using other Woo extensions.

Following the AliDropship plugin is installed is complete, you will gain access to the database of more than 50,000 hand-picked AliExpress best-performing products across various areas. The beginning 50 of the imports will be free for you!

All-in-one solution to run your company

The Plugin provides excellent functionality as well as a variety of useful tools. All your products prices sales, profits, order statistics and traffic statistics are accessible and controlled from the same control panel.

Utilize different filters integrated to locate the products you want from and then incorporate them on your website quickly. The Plugin has professionally designed themes that are simple to configure, switch, and personalize.

Alidropship Plugin Nulled Free Download

Utilize an advance pricing formula to implement your policies to particular items or all items within your store. The auto-updating system helps keep your information on products current and up to date with the latest information from AliExpress. Explore the many Woo extensions, themes and themes with WooCommerce’s version of the AliDropship plugin. 

Alidropship Plugin Nulled Changelog

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 10.03.2022 (current version)

  • Virginia – West Virginia checkout fix
  • Fix for using coupon with application to product categories
  • Updated authorization method for connecting Traffic Report

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 02.03.2022

  • PayTabs Payment Gateway V2

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 16.02.2022

  • Added a required field ‘House’ for the Netherlands to the checkout
  • Made ZIP required for all countries on the checkout for correct auto-filling of orders on aliexpress

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. 1.8.27 – 02.02.2022

  • Update for the correct work of the extension with the Hebrew language
  • Fixed ‘Continue Shopping’ for Safari Browser
  • Update for ‘Live_customization’ for the Frida & El Greco themes
  • Fixed ‘Live_customization’ compatibility with Child versions of the Frida & El Greco themes
  • Update for ‘Featured Products’ block of the Frida theme
  • Added update button for ‘Live_customization’ | Frida theme
  • Update for frontend when using Safari Browser | Frida theme
  • Added option to enable classic pagination on category pages | Mobile version of El Greco

Alidropship Plugin Nulled Plugin Nulled ver. – 12.01.2022

  • Minor improvements
  • Update for checkout page

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. 1.8.25 – 05.01.2022

  • Changes for the “Failed Transaction” page. Added a “Try Again” button to return to checkout. All Shipping Details, Shipping Method, and product data will be saved for a second transaction when returned for checkout.
  • Update for “Live_Customization” themes

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. 1.8.24 – 28.12.2021

  • Update for auto-filling orders from Germany
  • Minor improvements

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 30.11.2021

  • Updated SquareUp payment gateway integration to the latest API version
  • Improved the logic of sending notifications when updating products
  • Improved the counting of values in the Yesterday field on the Dashboard page
  • Updated the front of the date selection input on the Sales Report page
  • Added the date selection input to all reports on the Sales Report page
  • Added a loader for updating data on the Sales Report page
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 22.11.2021

  • Update for the Frida Theme

AliDropship ver. – 17.11.2021

  • Update for the ‘Sellvia’ websites

AliDropship ver. – 16.11.2021

  • Update for the Frida Live Customization

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 15.11.2021

  • Update for the Frida Theme
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 11.11.2021

  • Improvements for the graph in Sales Report
  • Fix for importing reviews

AliDropship ver. – 08.11.2021

  • Stripe integration update. Customer card creation added when paying through AliDropship checkout (not SCA)
  • Fixed the display of data in the Revenue and Sales Report tabs on the Dashboard page

AliDropship ver. – 27.10.2021

  • Updating PayTabs payment gateway

AliDropship ver. – 25.10.2021

  • Fixed hiding “You Save” on checkout when there is no discount

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. 1.8.23 – 21.10.2021

  • Changes for

AliDropship ver. – 06.10.2021

  • Sellvia demo content support added
  • Translations updated

AliDropship ver. – 29.09.2021

  • Fixes for the shipping methods section
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 14.09.2021

  • Added the ability to bulk customization meta title/description/keywords for product categories

AliDropship ver. – 08.09.2021

  • Changes for TAP payment gateway
  • Fix for the ‘SEO meta data generator’ feature

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 26.08.2021

  • Fix for payment gateway ‘SquareUp’
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 10.08.2021

  • Fixed: resetting the gallery for the products
  • Fixed: the display of the product price in the products section when stock is changed
  • Changes for the base with products
  • Webpack added
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 21.07.2021

  • Compatibility with WP 5.8
  • Fixed: applying shipping costs when using tax
  • Correction of texts in the admin panel in the section of delivery methods

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 07.07.2021

  • Added continue button for bulk import of reviews
  • Changes for translations
  • Fix for Tracking page
  • Fixed the display of tax for shipping on checkout
  • Improvements for the Chrome Extension

AliDropship ver. 1.8.22 – 31.05.202

  • Added: SendinBlue V3 API key (v2 is supported until June 25, 2021)
  • Fixed bulk import of reviews

AliDropship ver. – 18.05.2021

  • Fixed: PayU Payment Gateway
  • Fixed: Dashboard → Sales Report → Product Report
  • Changed WP Discussion Settings by default

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 13.05.2021

  • Blurry images bug fixed
  • Now you can have more items in the Manage size guide area
  • WordPress Discussion settings won’t be disabled when the AliDropship plugin is activated/deactivated

AliDropship ver. – 07.05.2021

  • Paylike payment gateway bug fixed

AliDropship ver. – 05.05.2021

  • Blurry images bug fixed (on mobile)
  • When updated, Instagram images are now stored in Media
  • WebP format support added for images imported from AliExpress
  • Social share icons bug fixed in blog articles
  • ZAR currency for Paystack payment gateway added

AliDropship ver. – 29.04.2021

  • Fixed notifications for reset products
  • Fixed display of currency code AZN
  • Fixed integration of Paystack payment
  • Fixed Paylike when checking out with a coupon by email
  • Improved the display of currency in the section of the pricing formula regarding the currency settings of the database
  • Improved the output of reports, relatively the timezones WP settings

AliDropship ver. – 16.04.2021

  • Changed the rounding logic of the total basket amount when using Bulk discount addon
  • Removed currencies due to lack of exchange rates for them: ‘VEF’, ‘PRB’, ‘IRT’, ‘BTC’, ‘BYR’, ‘VES’, ‘MRU’, ‘STN’
  • Made the display of order times in Dashboard, Sales reports, Orders, Tracking, Activities List relative to timezone settings in WordPress
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 5.04.2021

  • Stripe: Apple Pay, Google Pay integration
  • Added logic for updating product subcategories without affecting ‘parent’
  • Fix coupons that are attached to an email
  • Minor improvements

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 17.03.2021

  • Fixed: bulk product update, while using currency location

AliDropship ver. – 11.03.2021

  • Added: the ability to receive notification of ‘supplier cost’ changes without updating the products themselves
  • Added: functionality for editing Size Guide headers
  • Added: functionality for applying coupons to email/list of emails
  • WP 5.7 compatibility checked
  • Sales Report. Products from orders with Refunded status will not appear in the Products Report

AliDropship ver. 1.8.21 – 4.03.2021

  • Changed ZIP mask on the checkout page for the UK
  • Added RUT field on the checkout page for Chile
  • Fixed saving the last entered email on the checkout page when reloading the page
  • Fixed display of prices by variations for a product in CategoryPage / SinglePage
  • ‘Supplier Cost’ is displayed now also in the admin panel → ‘Products’ section → ‘Info’ column
  • Added: reset Featured & Gallery Images option for products. (Edit product → Supplier section → Reset)

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 18.02.2021

  • Improved pagination for in-built reports
  • Database improvements
  • Tooltip edits

AliDropship ver. – 16.02.2021

  • Fixed: auto-fill for products that do not have variation inside the multi-variation product
  • Fixed: Dashboard & Orders & Sales report. Correct calculation of the number of orders for the same date
  • Fixed: bulk update of products from the database

AliDropship ver. – 11.02.2021

  • Fixed: a difference of the values for the same period of time in Orders & Sales Report
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 01.02.2021

  • Added the ability to attach a tracking number to custom products (without linking to the product on AliExpress)
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 29.01.2021

  • Improved compatibility with websites installed in a subfolder

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 28.01.2021

  • Fixed: reset/update pricing and products
  • Fixed: all selected currencies were not able to be saved in the ‘additional currency’ section
  • Fixed: issue of extra currency conversion of the default shipping
  • Added a zip code validation for countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, UK, US)

AliDropship ver. – 21.01.2021

  • Fixed: issue of adding products (created manually) to the cart

AliDropship ver. – 20.01.2021

  • Fixed: ‘Order shipped’ notification template was not loaded
  • Fixed: facebook authorization
  • Added: check for available shipping on checkout when changing the delivery country
  • Added: new values for the first 3 formulas in the recommended ‘Pricing Formula’

AliDropship ver. – 15.01.2021

  • Added: order note field for internal use. ‘AliDropship’ → ‘Orders’ → ‘Order Dashboard’
  • Added: default shipping into the admin panel for customization. Default shipping – is enabling, when there are no available shipping options for products.

AliDropship ver. 1.8.20 – 11.01.2021

  • Improved the ‘Reports’ section
  • Improved .csv order export report
  • Minor improvements

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 05.01.2021

  • Added: ‘Grand Total’ value to export orders .csv
  • Added: Greek in ‘Local Language’, Paypal rest API
  • Added: notification template, when registering via Facebook to ‘Notifications’ section for customization
  • Tweaked: notification template when registering via Facebook
  • Fixed: insert images from URL to ‘Gallery’

AliDropship ver. – 22.12.2020

  • Fixed: incorrect work of shipping methods on the checkout page

AliDropship ver. – 21.12.2020

  • Changed the logic of the feature ‘Minimum order price’ for shipping methods. Moved inside of each shipping for more variability
  • Moved back categories for ‘Import Supplier’ feature
  • Fixed: Bulk edit for product variations
  • Fixed: the coupon currency conversion on the checkout was worked out incorrectly
  • Flag of Azerbaijan update

AliDropship ver. – 15.12.2020

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.6
    • Fixed: ‘Sales Report’ front-end layout
  • Fixed: bulk action ‘Delete’ for product variations

AliDropship ver. – 11.12.2020

  • Checked: Compatibility with WordPress 5.6
    • Fixed: layout in the product admin panel (attributes and variations sections)
  • Fixed: coupons bug, when applied to specific products
  • Fixed: bulk reset of products
  • Fixed: structured data (blog, article)
  • Multi-variations feature: added the ability to create a custom variation from products from different suppliers (One variation = contains several different products)

AliDropship ver. – 02.12.2020

  • Bug fixed: free shipping was available if the minimum cart amount condition was not met, and the ‘Apply to each product’ option was enabled
  • PayPal Rest API Version v2

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 27.11.2020

  • Fixed: bug with the difference of shipping prices on checkout
  • Minor improvement

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. – 16.11.2020

  • Added: Option of importing reviews from an additional suppler
  • Purchase email notification – added information about the payment method to the email template
  • Fixed: Price difference issue (checkout/payment) in PayPal Classic & Pagadito payment gateways

AliDropship ver. 1.8.19 – 10.11.2020

  • Fixed: Checkout-Paypal price difference issue (when choosing a different currency from the default site currency)

AliDropship ver. 1.8.18 – 09.11.2020

  • Fixed: incorrect display of value in Dashboard → Sales Report → Last 7 days
  • Fixed: importing reviews with images

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. 1.8.17 – 04.11.2020

  • Fixed: ‘split of the product’ bug (supplier info was not pulled up)
  • New version of the built-in image editor (improved image compression)

AliDropship ver. 1.8.16 – 29.10.2020

  • Added the feature: bulk actions ‘add/delete’ products in shipping methods

AliDropship ver. 1.8.15 – 16.10.2020

  • ‘Change supplier’ option is fixed

AliDropship ver. 1.8.14 – 12.10.2020

  • Minor improvements

Alidropship Plugin Nulled ver. 1.8.13 – 09.10.2020

  • Fixed: issue with zeroing prices for shipping methods (When setting prices manually, in the product admin panel – section ‘AliExpress Shipping’)

AliDropship ver. 1.8.12 – 05.10.2020

  • ‘Product Reset’ event added to ‘Activities List’
  • Added the new feature to reset the product description (Products → Edit Item → ‘Product Option’ section → Supplier → Reset)
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 02.10.2020

  • ‘Variations deleting’ bug is fixed

AliDropship ver. 1.8.11 – 28.09.2020

  • Fixed: ‘Item specifics’ bulk deleting
  • Added the ability to sort attributes within an attribute group
  • Added the ability to select a product variation by default
  • Shipping Options. Now you can more flexibly customize this section
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 09.09.2020

  • Local languages for PayPal Rest Api integration is added
  • PayPal smart buttons issue with prices is fixed
  • Issue with the product updates activities email notifications is fixed
  • Added the ability to duplicate reviews along with duplicating product. (AliDropship → Settings → General → Reviews option)
  • Minor improvements

AliDropship ver. – 02.09.2020

  • Personal accounts issues fixed
  • ZIP code for Qatar added

AliDropship ver. – 06.08.2020

  • Shipping issues fixed

AliDropship ver. – 28.07.2020

  • Minor optimization improvements

AliDropship ver. – 24.07.2020

  • Tracking issue solved

AliDropship ver. 1.8.10 – 16.07.2020

  • ‘Manage attributes’ option added
  • Reviews’ date auto-update option added
  • ‘Variant mapping’ option added
  • ‘AliDropship Add-ons’ section added in WordPress sidebar menu

AliDropship ver. – 09.06.2020

  • Order payment status added in client’s account
  • Product Analysis tab fixed in the integrated product database

AliDropship ver. – 26.05.2020

  • Export orders in CSV file: several fields added (AliExpress order ID, Store order ID, Coupon code, Coupon value, Shipping price)

AliDropship ver. – 19.05.2020

  • Minor optimization improvements

AliDropship ver. – 15.05.2020

  • Minor optimization improvements

AliDropship ver. – 06.05.2020

  • PayPal: Smart payment buttons minor optimization improvements

AliDropship ver. – 24.04.2020

  • 2checkout legacy integration restored
  • Search issue for Transaction ID in Orders solved
  • Estimated delivery time option optimized
  • Purchase notification is sent automatically when order status is changed manually from ‘Abandoned’ to ‘Paid’

AliDropship ver. – 20.04.2020

  • PayPal Rest API: currency conversion bug fixed

AliDropship ver. – 17.04.2020

  • 2checkout: notification bug fixed
  • Pagadito: minor optimization improvements
  • Dusupay: minor optimization improvements
  • Stripe: 2 symbol country code added

AliDropship ver. 1.8.8 – 08.04.2020

  • ‘Export tracking’ option added at Tracking page in WP admin area
  • Pricing settings: new column added
  • Product link added in ‘Export products’ CSV file
  • PayPal Classic Integration: minor optimization improvements, issue with taxes calculation solved
  • Paystack: GHS currency added
  • 2checkout legacy integration removed
  • Traffic report: bug with chart display fixed
  • ‘Remove’ option added to order summary (Customization => Checkout => Checkout Order Summary)
  • One more link option added to Checkout Footer
  • PayPal checkout improved

AliDropship ver. – 18.03.2020

  • New email template added: ‘Order tracking ID changed’
  • Dusupay payment gateway: integration issues solved
  • Paylike issue solved: Complete order without shipping details
  • Improved Sales report
  • Flag icons issue in currency switcher solved
  • Image editor: bug with option Select => Move fixed

AliDropship ver. 1.8.7 – 25.02.2020

  • PayPal Rest API integration: new option added ‘Hide checkout fields’ if ‘Smart payment buttons’ enabled
  • Ideal (an e-commerce payment system used in the Netherlands, based on online banking) + Stripe (simultaneous use only)

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